About us

We're just a couple of guys trying to make the world a better place, one apron at a time. Truth be told, ApronMen.com is a fun side project for us. We have real jobs as professional models. 

About the Founders/Models

Scott Ptolemy graduated from Gonzaga University with a degree in basketball fandom. He's also a s'mores guru, dart champion and a Catholic, which explains some things about him. He started wearing aprons in the 9th grade, when he found it improved his eyesight as well as his golf game. When's he's not wearing an apron he's wearing glasses. His wife, Wendy, is very patient and kind.

Scott & Wendy in the great outdoors

Jordan Lindstrom graduated from Western Washington University, where he originally pursued a major in basket weaving. That didn't work out. No hand-eye coordination. He eventually ended up with a degree in journalism (which today is about as relevant as a degree in French...) in hopes of one day realizing his dream of becoming a blogger for TMZ. When Jordan is not wearing aviators or modeling for apron ads, he spends his time being allergic to eggs and carrots. Jordan has two awesomely cute boys, Abe and Oscar, and a very understanding and loving wife, Gretchen.

Jordan shreddin' at Mission Ridge in Wenatchee, WA.