Every man needs an apron. Here's why.

The truth is, the apron is more than just a protective covering for your clothes. When worn properly and often, it's a tremendous boost to a man's confidence, intelligence, manliness and physical appeal.

But don't just take our word for it. Here's some important background and facts about aprons for men. 

Aprons through the Ages

The early Greek philosophers knew the power of the apron, often pairing the apron with a toga and sitting with their hands tucked in the front pockets, debating the mysteries of the universe. The rise of the Roman Empire is often attributed to a liberal use of aprons, which aided their soldiers in battle.

Then something strange happened. The apron fell out of fashion among men for a few centuries. We commonly refer to this period as the "Dark Ages."

The return of the apron to popular culture in the 14th century ushered in the Renaissance. (Little known fact: Michelangelo's David statue was originally intended have an apron. Now David is just naked...)

Since that time, many of man's greatest achievements can be traced back to the apron. Here's a sampling:

Apron Achievements

  • Al Gore invented the internet while wearing an apron.
  • The three-piece suite was originally the four-piece suite, with an apron.
  • JFK averted nuclear war during the Cuban missile crisis by sending Fidel Castro an apron.
  • The Boston Tea Party disguised themselves in aprons.
  • Chuck Norris has only ever lost one fight ... to a man in an apron.
  • Superman's cape is actually an apron turned backward (he wears two when cooking).

Aprons & Manliness

Did you know some of the manliest jobs on the planet require an apron?





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